Arc Angel Stun Cane

What is a Stun Cane?

What is Stun Cane? Unlike a gun that shoots a bullet that can penetrate walls where loved ones are sleeping or travel through a crowd innocent bystanders, a Stun Cane or stun gun does not fire a bullet that penetrates a persons body, destroys organs, breaks bones or causes a person to bleed to death. Instead, a Stun Can or stun gun allows a person to press the stun gun’s electronic tip against a persons body or clothing and shoot a low-amperage, non-lethal electrical pulse into the person’s body, which renders them immobile and motionless for a matter of minutes and allows the stun gun owner to escape without harm to themselves or their attacker in most cases. Since no shots are fired and no injury or death occurs, the legal repercussions of using a stun gun compared to a firearm are minimal and are a much more attractive option than paying the legal fees associated going to court to see whether or not the use of lethal force and/or death is justified.