Arc Angel Stun Cane

Stun Guns for Law Enforcement

August 10, 2014


The Arc Angel Tactical Stun Devices (TSDs) are the Law
Enforcement and Military grade Arc Angel products
made of specialized light weight, high strength com-
posite material, reinforced with internal design elements
to insure durability. The hand-held, dual purpose device
arms a tactical flashlight with retractable stun prongs.

Law Enforcement: The Arc Angel TSD-100™ model
is a non-lethal, sturdy, defensive weapon that is an
excellent choice for security personnel who deal with
both the general public and with offenders in the field
or under supervision. The TSD-100 protects the safety
of bystanders while providing the officer an effective
means of controlling behavior and subduing out-of-
control or dangerous individuals.

Homeland Security: The Arc Angel TSD-200™ model
is an excellent tool for use by air marshals and TSA
personnel who monitor the safety of air travel on the
ground and in flight. Arc Angel Industries™ plans to
apply for official Homeland Security Designation, a
status that will cap the liability of the product.

Armed Forces: The Arc Angel TSD-300™. Our military
and law enforcement units are water resistant, impact
resistant, and able to stand up to the rigors of professional