Arc Angel Stun Cane


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Neighborhood Watch
Citizens devoted to reducing crime
and vandalism in the community


Dear Arc Angel:
As the leader of our local community Neighborhood Watch, I am particularly aware of the dangers
plaguing our neighborhoods. It is an uneasy time, especially now with the poor economy, foreclosed
and abandoned homes, and an increase in home invasion robberies.

What a relief have a self-protection device that is safe and so easy to use!


Arc Angel by far the best

The Arc Angel Stun Cane™ is a very handsome, sturdy walking cane. Hopefully you will never be called upon to use the cane’s hidden electronic power. Day in and day out, the Arc Angel Stun Cane™ provides all of the virtues of a classic cane. Made of aircraft grade aluminum, the shaft has a generous diameter that provides stability with adjustable length. It looks good, has an ergonomically comfortable handle, and goes anywhere. The rubber tip grips the path. Walk with confidence where ever you go – carry an Arc Angel Stun Cane™.

Amazing results…

Have you ever had the thought, “I need a weapon to protect myself, but I don’t want to carry a gun.” The Arc Angel Stun Cane™ is the responsible solution. It is not a gun. It is not lethal. You don’t need a license to own it. It is safe to use and easy to store. And, it delivers a million volts of self defense protection

-Ashley Brown

The life you save may be your own … and your pet’s.

Animal attacks are on the rise! Abandoned dogs roam neighborhoods. Wild animals prowl the city, seeking waterand food. Some are rabid, many are vicious, and all are unpredictable. Mean tempered dogs attack without provocation.A hostile dog encounter can result in injury, even death. When you want powerful protection, but you don’t want the liability or danger of carrying a gun, let the The Pet Defender® keep you animals safe!

Humane defense in a waking stick.

The Pet Defender® is a non-lethal, defensive tool that is very different from the stun devices used by the police. The police type shoots barbs into the skin. The Pet Defender® never breaks the skin – contact with the tip delivers the zap. Keep your hand out of the meat grinder of a biting attack. Break up a dogfight at a distance with the Pet Defender™.




I am a retired Sergeant from a large metropolitan police department with thirty years of law enforcement experience.
I purchased three “Stun Canes” for personal protection.
The first cane was given to my elderly neighbor. She is handicapped and walks with a cane. She was mugged for her purse last year in broad daylight, in a mall parking lot


September 15, 2011

To: Glenn Willey, President of Arc Angel
I am a retired member of the Los Angeles Police Department and I’ve owned and operated Greta’s Guns for over 17 years. Greta’s is a ‘toy store for adults’ and is known as the largest retail firearms store in East Ventura County.


“I don’t have to use it, I just have to show it.”

Ron Beaty, a mechanic and engineer for most of his life, now owns and manages rental properties in the Bakersfield, CA area.
“I purchased my first Arc Angel stun cane last year and I’ve gotten five more since then. I always have a stun cane with me on the job. I collect rent, and it’s often in cash. I’m a target for robbery. Sometimes I have to work late in the rental office and I keep my Arc Angel cane beside me, turned on and ready to use in case of emergency.



Style out. Carry The Big Stick™ as you would a gentleman’s walking stick – with a swagger and a smile, knowing that you look cool while you’re packing man size protection.
Walk with confidence knowing that you have a million volts in your hand that ‘looks like a million dollars.’ Walk with pride knowing that you can protect your companion safely. Walk tall, knowing you look good and feel strong. Carry the Big Stick™ where ever you go. The Big Stick™ – a gentleman doesn’t leave home with out it.

Its Better to be safe than sorry.

The Arc Angel Stun Cane™ is a defensive weapon that is non-lethal, easy to use, and functions as a sturdy walking cane. Take responsibility for your safety. Feel free and confident walking in public. Carry the Arc Angel Stun Cane™ where ever you go. Feel secure in your own home. Keep the Arc Angel Stun Cane™ near the front door of at your bedside. It is better to be safe than to be sorry. Let the Arc Angel Stun Cane™ help you achieve independence and security with a responsible self defense tool.

-Emil Jones

The better prepared
you are for danger, the safer
you will be. Let
Arc Angel help.


Under the counter
protection for over the
counter business.

July 2023


I couldn’t be more

​You’ll never walk alone when you carry the Arc Angel Stun Cane™. Do you avoid taking a walk because you are fearful of appearing alone and vulnerable? Do unleashed dogs wandering the neighborhood make you nervous? Are you uneasy entering a parking structure that is dimly lit, with no help in sight?

-Ashley Brown