Arc Angel Stun Cane

Ron has purchased 6 Arc Angel products – three stun canes and three big sticks.

Ron Beaty, a mechanic and engineer for most of his life, now owns and manages rental properties in the Bakersfield, CA area.
“I purchased my first Arc Angel stun cane last year and I’ve gotten five more since then. I always have a stun cane with me on the job. I collect rent, and it’s often in cash. I’m a target for robbery. Sometimes I have to work late in the rental office and I keep my Arc Angel cane beside me, turned on and ready to use in case of emergency. During the day, when I have to be away from the office, I’ll leave a stun cane for the young woman who works for me, so she isn’t left unprotected while she is alone .

“I could carry a handgun for protection, but that’s too final. The stun cane gives me a non-lethal way to protect myself. When I’m taking care of business around town, I leave the stun cane in the front seat of my pick-up truck. So far, I’ve had to take it out about once a month or so when I’m confronted with a hostile situation.

“There are a lot of Pit Bulls and Rottweilers and fighting dogs in and around Bakersfield where my properties are located. Now, I’m an animal lover and I don’t want to be cruel. That’s what great about the stun cane, I air fire the cane when I’m 20 feet away from an aggressive dog and the sound and the light scares the dog away.
“Now, they see me coming with my cane and the dogs keep their distance. They remember the sound and the light that scared them last time. I don’t have to use it, I just have to show it. I call my Arc Angel stun cane my ‘lightening stick’ because I guess the dogs are naturally afraid of lightening and that’s why they back off.

“The same holds true of panhandlers who can sometimes get in your face. I just air fire the stun cane and they immediately back off. No harm. Both of us are safe.

“I got a Big Stick for my wife Cheryl. She’s a CEO of a corporation with offices throughout the state and she has to travel quite a bit, overnight sometimes. She keeps the Big Stick in the trunk of her car. When she’s in a hotel parking lot in Stockton or Fresno, getting out her bags, she has a way to protect herself. It’s also good for her to have handy because she is on the road so much, she has protection if the car breaks down.
“I know Cheryl doesn’t have it in her to pull a trigger. And I’m uneasy about her being out there on her own. The Arc Angel Big Stick gives me confidence that my wife has protection – protection that she is able to use.

Being the real estate business, I come into contact with escrow officers and real estate agents. The reaction is always the same when I show them my Arc Angel stun cane – they want one! What they like best is that the stun cane, and even the big stick, looks like an ordinary thing to have around. And what a big surprise when the electronics are activated! I have one at home, in my office, in my truck, in my wife’s car, and I’ve also given the stun cane as a gift to a business associate.

“I am very happy to give this testimony about my experience with the Arc Angel products. I am a satisfied customer and I believe that the Arc Angel products can do a lot of good in the world.

Ron Beaty