Arc Angel Stun Cane



Neighborhood Watch
Citizens devoted to reducing crime
and vandalism in the community



Dear Arc Angel:
As the leader of our local community Neighborhood Watch, I am particularly aware of the dangers
plaguing our neighborhoods. It is an uneasy time, especially now with the poor economy, foreclosed
and abandoned homes, and an increase in home invasion robberies.

What a relief have a self-protection device that is safe and so easy to use! As a homeowner and
working woman, I’m not comfortable keeping a gun in the house. I’m not sure I could use a gun
properly in an emergency and I’m afraid that someone could take it away from me. The Arc Angel
Original Stun Cane is the perfect answer.

I chose the stun cane because I sometimes need support when walking. I keep mine mounted next
to the front door, in easy reach. I take the stun cane with me on walks with my dog. I even use it
around the house because it’s such a sturdy cane – it’s a great help on days when my foot is bothering
me. Having the Original Stun Cane gives me confidence. I feel safer.

My appreciation and thanks to Arc Angel for your wonderful products, especially the Original Stun
Cane. I’m sharing news of the Arc Angel products on our community web site. I encourage anyone
who feels the need to protect themself to consider this powerful, wonderful, non-lethal alternative to

Andrea Alvarado, Leader
Northridge Community Neighborhood

Watch & Coordinating Council

Building A Community