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Glenn Willey
(800) 431-0868

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Patents and Trademarks
Arc Angel/Glenn Willey’s Stun Cane U.S. Utility Patent #US8424548

Press Releases
09-08-2014 –Arc Angel Seeks Dealers, Ecommerce Sites, Franchises, Resellers, and Manufacturer’s Representatives to Sell Stun Canes, Pet Defenders and Tactical Stun Devices (TSD)
08-18-2014 –Arc Angel Rolls Out Stun Canes for AARP Members, Senior Citizens and Baby Boomers Who Want to Get a Handle on Self-Defense via Affordable Tactical, Non-Lethal Protection Stun Canes

Press Coverage
Sarasota Herld Tribune – Arc Angel Stun Cane Shocks Reporters with 1,000,000 Volts of Electricity
Yahoo! Finance News – Arc Angel Rolls Out Stun Canes for AARP Members, Senior Citizens and Baby Boomers
Dallas Morning News – AARP Members, Baby Boomers and Senior Citizens Have New Weapon Against Crime
Ft. Worth Star Telegram – Senior Citizens Get Handle on Crime with New Stun Cane Technology
Los Angeles Daily News – Arc Angels Rolls Out New Stun Can Technology for Senior Citizens
San Jose Mercury News – New Stun Gun Technology Helps Protect Senior Citizens


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Mission Statement
Arc Angel’s mission is to provide personal protection without the use of deadly force, preserve life, reduce personal injuries, decrease victim lawsuits and make homes, businesses and communities a safer place to live without fear. Stun guns save lives, time and money versus the use of lethal, projectile-based weapons.

Executive Bios

Glenn Willey
Arc Angel Industries
(800) 431-0868

Mr. Willey is a specialty manufacturer of Tactical Stun Devices (TSD) and Conducted Electronic Devices (CED) for Homeland Security, DOD, Law Enforcement and Military organizations. Arc Angel ‘s tactical stun devices bridge the gap between tactical force and public safety. Arc Angel’s products offer the highest quality, durable, professional Tactical Stun Devices (TSD), which bring a non-lethal strategy to public policing. The TSD-100 does not pierce skin and works by direct contact. The user’s reach is extended by the length of the shaft (less than 18 inched)   The million +volts deliver an arresting electronic punch. The less than 4 milliamps insure safety.

About Arc Angel Industries
Based in Woodland Hills, CA, Arc Angel Industries is an American developer and distributor of the Stun Batons, Stun Canes, Stun Guns, Stun Pet Defenders, Stun Flashlights, Stun Walking Sticks and Tactical Stun Devices (TSD) that utilize Conductive Energy Device (CED) technology to protect consumers, law enforcement, homeland security, military personnel and international organizations from perpetrators, hostile aggressors and dangerous wildlife in the United States and international markets. Arc Angel is a leading worldwide provider of CED stun gun technology and was granted a U.S. utility patent #US8424548 in 2013 and has numerous other patents pending.

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