Arc Angel Stun Cane

Conductive Energy Device Technology

Conductive Energy Device (CED) Technology for Stun Canes & Stun Guns

Arc Angles stun guns use Conductive Energy Device (CED) technology that delivers a temporary high-voltage, low-current electrical discharge to override the body’s muscle-control mechanisms. The recipient is immobilized via two metal probes connected via wires to the electromagnetic shock device.
Arc Angels uses 1,500,000 volts of power, but stays under 4.0 amps to maintain a non-lethal current range. The resulting “shock” causes muscles to twitch uncontrollably, appearing as muscle spasms.

Stun guns use Direct Current (DC), which is a continuous surge of power. The power is sent through multiple transformers to boost voltage and reduce amperage, which builds up a charge in the capacitor and then released to the metal probes. An oscillator causes the power to be released a pulse pattern that resembles the body’s own electric signals. These pulsing shockwaves are what makes the body’s muscles twitch. The larger the muscle group, the more glucose energy their muscles burn up while twitching, which is what actually prevents a person from moving.

The output current upon contact with the target will depend on various factors such as target’s resistance, skin type, moisture, bodily salinity, clothing, the electroshock weapon’s internal circuitry, discharge waveform, and battery conditions.