Arc Angel Stun Cane





I am a retired Sergeant from a large metropolitan police department with thirty years of law enforcement experience. I purchased three “Stun Canes” for personal protection. The first cane was given to my elderly neighbor. She is handicapped and walks with a cane. She was mugged for her purse last year in broad daylight, in a mall parking lot. I gave her the cane for self-protection, and she is now not afraid to venture out. The second cane I gave to an elderly friend. She is also handicapped and is very independent and is an easy target for the criminal element. At first, she was a little shocked, no pun intended, with the gift. But she called me later that week and was excited to learn how the cane functions and wanted me to train her in its use. The third cane I put in my pickup truck for myself. I keep it positioned next to the rear seat, driver’s side, by my gas fill opening. While I’m at the gas station, there have been homeless people begging for money, and I have observed some of them become aggressive and actually attack customers who look like easy targets. I have not had to use my Stun Cane yet, but I feel comfortable having it with me. Signed, Jeff Yoshimura Swat Team Officer Chicago Police Department