Arc Angel Releases the Big Stick to the General Population


Pack this 21st century, non-lethal side stick in the open or under a counter.

Keep danger at arms distance while the million volt Big Stick™ tip delivers an electronic punch to anyone so foolish as to threaten you, steal from you, or trespass against what you are honor bound to protect.

The Arc Angel Big Stick™ is a stand by your side bodyguard that is awesome in its power to deter and to protect.The BigStick™ says STOP without speaking a word. When the Big Stick™ does speak -with the electronic hiss of a million volts – it says what you mean and means what you say!

The Arc Angel Big Stick™ is ideal for merchants, club owners, and anyone who is responsible for the safety of others. Release mounted behind a counter or carried by the rubber grip, the Arc Angel Big Sick can deter aggressive people and is useful for crowd control where a display of potential force is desirable. More compact than a cane – it has a grip rather than a handle – the Arc Angel Big Stick travels well in a car or on a motorcycle.

BIG STICK™ Fully Functional Supports 350 LB. Max
1,000,000 Volts Stun Device
Safe and effective at the same time
Key and Safety Lanyard included
Home Charging Unit included
Foreign Plug Converter included
Fully Rechargeable NiMH Battery System for thousands of Flawless Charges
High Quality Aircraft Aluminum Construction
Packaged weight: 2.5 lbs