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Arc Angel Logo

Arc Angel’s logo features the protective wings of the Archangel Michael , defender of the people; a blue sphere representing our planet Earth; and a yellow bolt of lightening, a symbol of the powerful protective force of Arc Angel products. Designed by Glenn M. Willey, inventor and CEO of Arc Angel Industries, Inc., the blue and yellow logo is a registered trademark with the US Office of Patents and Trademarks. 525199_e67afde35f574d87ae8c2e6a8670f06f Glenn Willey President and Inventor

Arc Angel Stun Cane

The Arc Angel Stun Cane™ is a defensive weapon that is non-lethal, easy to use, and functions as a sturdy walking cane. Take responsibility for your safety. Feel free and confident walking in public. Carry the Arc Angel Stun Cane™ where ever you go. Feel secure in your own home. Keep the Arc Angel Stun Cane™ near the front door of at your bedside. ​Let the Arc Angel Stun Cane™ help you achieve independence and security with a responsible self defense tool.




Arc Angel Big Stick

The Arc Angel Big Stick™ is ideal for merchants, club owners, and anyone who is responsible for the safety of others. Release mounted behind a counter or carried by the rubber grip, the Arc Angel Big Sick can deter aggressive people and is useful for crowd control where a display of potential force is desirable. More compact than a cane – it has a grip rather than a handle – the Arc Angel Big Stick travels well in a car or on a motorcycle.

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