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Based in Northridge, CA, Arc Angel Industries is an American developer, manufacturer and distributor of the Stun Batons, Stun Canes, Stun Guns, Stun Pet Defenders, Stun Flashlights, Stun Walking Sticks and Tactical Stun Devices (TSD) that utilize Conductive Energy Device (CED) technology to protect consumers, law enforcement, homeland security, military personnel and international organizations from perpetrators, hostile aggressors and dangerous wildlife in the United States and international markets. Arc Angel is a leading worldwide provider of CED stun gun technology and was granted a U.S. utility patent #US8424548 in 2013 and has numerous other patents pending.

Arc Angel Products:

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Persona Message from the CEO:

Welcome to Arc Angel Industries. Over the past several years, I have closely monitored the current products offered through the home defense market. There have clearly been inconsistencies when it comes to quality of manufacture and effectiveness of products in the stun device arena.
It seems to me that everyone is touting firepower over ease of operation. I to ask the following questions: Is 1 to 3 million watts the real answer to effective nonlethal self-defense? Would you really be willing to stand down an aggressor with a cheaply manufactured plastic toy? Would you put your hand and fingers within less than one inch of the powerful jaws of an attacking animal?

My answer is, no! None of the above. And, there is another problem: Stun devices are frequently misidentified as handguns or firearms. In several cases this mistake has elevated the intensity of a hostile encounter. As recently as June, 2010, a subway security policeman was on trial for mistakenly shooting and killing a Metro passenger – the officer grabbed his pistol instead of his stun gun – a deadly mistake.

These realities inspired me to develop the Arc Angel brand of personal protection stun devices. Instead of a stun gun, Arc Angel provides an innovative, quality manufactured, easy to use and highly effective device for your personal use – our Arc Angel Original Stun Cane, Big Stick, and Pet Defender – none of which can be mistaken for a firearm – all of which provide non-lethal protection. Arc Angel products don’t look like a gun and can’t be mistaken for a gun.
Any of the Arc Angel Stun products are effective for home defense as well as the outdoor environment.

The Original Stun Cane and Big Stick and Pet Defender afford you a safe buffer zone to operate away from the source of danger and a way to minimize actual physical contact with an aggressor. Arc Angel Stun defense products do not make you invincible, but they do offer you a real fighting chance to protect yourself when there is no other recourse.
Arc Angel Stun devices give a stern warning to anyone or anything, delivering the message; Back Off! I mean business! You, too, can benefit from the Arc Angel edge.

I designed the Arc Angel Original Stun Cane to meet the need for a responsible form of self-defense that is powerful, yet non lethal. I soon found that there was the demand for different applications of the Arc Angel stun technology so I developed the Pet Defender for animal lovers and the Big Stick for merchants and people doing business with the public.

It’s up to you to make an informative decision about protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your pets. In my opinion the Arc Angel Original Stun Cane, Big Stick, and Pet Defender are the best non-lethal products on the market. Your personal safety is our business.
We are very proud to serve you with phone and email assistance for any of your inquiries or needs. You can reach our specialists with your feedback questions or comments concerning any Arc Angel Stun device at 1-800-431-0868 (toll free); you may also contact us by e-mail at

As members of the community, we are very concerned about the increasing crime rate and see the clear need for self protection. We are dedicated to provide you with the best non-lethal home and self defense product available today, The best in quality, price, and service. For that reason alone when it comes to you and your loved ones, the choice is obvious.

It doesn’t matter where you go: school, grocery store, shopping mall, work, or even just walk around the block, driveway, or inside your home – there is always a potential for danger. Having the proper protection can dramatically decrease your chances of being harmed under any circumstance. It is totally your decision and we hope that you make the clear choice to protect yourself with the best self-defense equipment on the market today.


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